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To buy in France


The Notary's role


In France, any sale of a house or an apartment is being made through the Notary. The notary shall, as a Public Officer, assure the good performance of the contract and gives, in addition to his confidentiality, the necessary legal security. 
He is preparing the authentic contracts on behalf of his customers, ensuring the security of the transactions. Present throughout the territory, he provides a real legal public service of proximity.

His role is to gather together all the necessary documents for setting up the contract in order to avoid any subsequent dispute:
- by checking the identity of the parties to the contract, their marital status..
- verify of the title of the seller
- purge pre-emption rights
- control that the compulsory diagnostics prior sale, has been made before the definitive signature.  


Once the Final Deed signed it is an important formality to make the official registration of the ownership. In fact, the title deed is registered into the Mortage record, to show the legal situation of the property. The goal is to keep trace of property rights on the building and mortgage which incurred. The notary have, as public officers, a monopoly of this file.

Finally, the notary ensures the conservation of the title for 100 years in his Office. After that, they are kept in the national archives, and soon, in electronic form.


Our role

We accompany you all along the sale procedure, from the first visits till the moment that you are well installed in your new home. 

 • As soon as the reservation contract signed , we help you in the contact with the Developer / the Seller and the Notary in order to organize the signing of the Final Deed of the property.
• If needed, we explain to you the process of buying a property in France and help you to understand the various documents the notary address you.
• We organise for you the appointment at the notary’s office with the Developer / the Seller, and for foreign customers procure an official translator in their language, in order to ensure the perfect understanding of the contract terms.

We wish to give you a real support during your acquisition of a property in France and help you where you feel is needed.

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